Comprehensive Service

Good estate planning involves much, much more than simply drafting a will.  Anne will talk with you in depth about your personal, family and financial situation.  She will advise you regarding the various options that might be appropriate for you with respect to lifetime planning, planning for disability, and planning for death.  She will help you make informed decisions about which options ultimately to choose.  If you might be subject to state or federal estate tax, she will talk to you about what you can do to minimize those taxes.  She will talk to you about some non-traditional estate planning topics, including planning for pets and planning for digital assets.  She will work with you to make sure that all the pieces of your estate plan – including life-insurance beneficiary designations, retirement-plan beneficiary designations, transfer-on-death designations and jointly-held interests – are properly coordinated with your will and trust so that your overall estate plan will work exactly as intended.