Fair Price

Some lawyers who do estate planning view themselves as providing a commodity – essentially, a fairly standard set of documents that don’t vary too much from client to client.  Many of these lawyers structure their business on this “commodity” model – they seek to churn out a high volume of standardized documents at a low cost, on the assumption that these documents will be “good enough” for the average client.  By contrast, the business model at Port Estate Planning, LLC is to provide personalized, customized, comprehensive estate planning services.  Providing such services takes considerable time and careful thought, and the firm needs to price its services accordingly.  Will Port Estate Planning, LLC be your cheapest source for estate planning?  Probably not.  But it will be an excellent value for estate planning, considering the in-depth, personal service that you will receive for the fees you pay.  Anne is committed to offering excellent service at competitive prices.

The Firm cannot give you a quote for estate planning services before Anne has met you and gotten to know you. This is because everyone’s situation is unique, and the number and complexity of the documents that are needed for a sound estate plan varies tremendously from one client to another. Anne is committed to being transparent about her pricing; when she gives you a quote for estate planning services, she will explain the basis of the fees to you.